Current Active Services

 The YROP Family/Community Food Pantry


The YROP Food Pantry is NOW taking appointments for the Food Pantry.

 Assistance from the YROP Family/Community Food Pantry would require the following documentation:

A Photo ID (ie: Driver’s License)

Proof of Residency (ie: a Utility Bill with the correct name and address)

Please call (404) 753-5253 to speak to a representative or to leave a message so a representative can contact you to set up an appointment. We also ask that you please arrive on time, or call ahead to notify us if you will show up late. Failure to show up or call ahead within 30 minutes after your scheduled appointment will result in a cancellation. Please note, that not all people that call in would be guaranteed a scheduled appointment, due to limited supply of food.

 Our address to pick up food from the food pantry is:

900 Metropolitan Parkway SW

Atlanta, GA 30310

 (Special Note: If you are unable to speak to someone on the phone, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE so that we can return your call.)

If you are unable to schedule a slot, you can always click here to visit The Youth Reach Out Program Family/Community Resource Center to find any other food pantries

Special Project: Mural

The YROP Computer Laboratory and Library is undergoing some

If you would like to volunteer and help out with the mural project or if you would like to view the actual mural, please feel free to apply as a volunteer online, and add MURAL PROJECT in the comments.

The YROP Community ReVamp Project


The project is needed in order for us to renovate, implement and expand our services to meet the needs of a broader spectrum of youth, families and communities.
The project development will be taking place on three-phase intervals each, within a four-month period.

Phase #1 (Four Month Plan) Program Renovation

Phase #2 (Four Month Plan) Enhanced Program Services & Activities

Phase #3 (Four Month Plan) Programs Reinforced, New Implementation & Collaborating Partners